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Associate Lighting Designer / Programmer / Operator

I had the pleasure of programming and associate designing the GInkgo Bioworks conference in Boston at the Sowa PowerStation. This large open room is lined with brick walls and glass on two sides and some floor to ceiling mirrors on another, perfect for bouncing light around. We decided to hang, essentially, a large square of truss surrounding the entire room. On that truss we had a variety of fixtures from Martin Mac Vipers (Profiles and Wash Dxs), Mac Aura XBs, Mac 700s, TVL300s, and some LED Lekos. Now all of this was to light the site and walking space. Inside this square was the stage and large seating area for the conference presentations. For this we simply had a downstage truss filled with BMFLs and then some ColorForce 72s on the upstage to light the backdrop. The scenery build and brought in made this surprisingly fun to design. To divide the room between the stage/presentation area and the surrounding area where food/drinks and décor were found, large structures with fake and real grass were brought in and painted. Between the brick, grass, glass, mirrors, and the flowers, there were so many good textures and objects that aided the lighting design and allowed me to create this great ambiance.

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