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Special Projects Manager

I was brought in by Lightswitch to take the role of Special Projects Manager for part of the Shimming Solstice holiday experience at Old Westbury Gardens on Long Island. My duties included leading small teams to install different parts and sections of the lighting fixtures and
troubleshooting any problems that came up over the course of my time there. My first task on site was actually an interesting one, I rigged up a bunch of aircraft cable between many trees in a secluded garden walkway and hung 

chandeliers off each of them. It looked a bit odd during the day but the beauty set in at night. Between installing moving lights and outdoor par lighting, I had to deal with my fair share of bad cables and chasing networking issues, but needless to say it was a lot of good experience, good laughs, and a great group of people and I cant wait to hopefully be back again next year.

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